Web DesignMany of my Nashville SEO clients are interested in building a website or renovating one they’ve already set up. They realize that this simple element of their internet packaging is still very important, but they don’t understand the technical aspects which differentiate good sites from mediocre or terrible sites. Everyone who has ever used the internet knows which ones I’m talking about.

Good Websites

The home page tells readers what your company is about (proper SEO). When a potential customer can work out what to click and where it will take him, that’s a good start. If clicking a link leads where the user expects, that’s even better. Images are crisp and clear, not dark and dismal. Fonts are chosen for clarity, not comedy, but an unusual choice still works if the size is right and it isn’t too stylized. Text-to-background contrast enables readers to see what you’ve written. All of this is done strategically with the services we offer for Nashville SEO.

Text is rich with key words but readers aren’t tripping over them. Subheadings or an FAQ answer most questions. You’ve provided a short bio and a price list. Customers can see business hours, location, and product descriptions. Social media logos take viewers to those pages with a single click. The site is mobile-friendly, a big SEO plus for Google.

Extremely snappy websites are visually interesting but still load quickly. They utilize original design concepts befitting the firm’s theme and are memorable. Users must be viewing from computers loaded with software that can handle sophisticated graphics, so access isn’t inclusive. Some customers will miss the fun: images are incomplete or distorted and they can’t watch videos. This is the downside of custom design.

Mediocre Websites

These pages do a reasonable job of conveying what the potential consumer wants to know without getting too fancy. They are easy for any system to load but aren’t visually stunning or original. Customers would say they have seen a lot of websites like these before with the same heading and sidebar formats, the same types of links and font, plus a lot of the same free images downloaded from the internet. At least everything works as it should and there are no surprises or frustrations With your search engine optimization.

Bad Websites

These load very slowly, and if a customer is willing to wait, that’s a miracle. The landing page doesn’t tell a clear story of what the firm makes, sells, or the services they offer. Images tend to be a little dark or they don’t show products to advantage. Fonts are too small or too curly to read properly, a problem often exacerbated by poor color choice. People hate trying to read neon: it’s hard on the eyes after a while. They like a light-colored background most of the time. Readers also expect a link to take them where they expect to go, not to a ‘Page not Found’ message or the wrong information entirely.

How I Help

As the Nashville SEO Kid, I love a challenge. Let me build a website for your business in any part of Nashville; even another city in Tennessee or anywhere in the United States. Let the internet connect you to my customer-focused SEO services.