Talk about KeywordsI’m the Nashville SEO Kid serving Nashville’s Metro area, the outskirts, and beyond Nashville to other parts of Tennessee. Thanks to the power of the internet, I can even help you out if you live in Juneau, Alaska, or Portland, Oregon. My website is mobile-friendly and we can talk by phone. Let’s discuss how proper use of keywords can help you get internet readers’ attention.

What are Keywords?

One of the most important techniques available to an SEO expert is keyword writing. The idea is to figure out which words people use when they search for a product or service like yours when they don’t have a specific company name in mind. What are the most popular terms that lead a person to a private school for grades K-12, local dog sitters, or a construction firm specializing in custom design?

Identifying Keywords For SEO

The casual viewer or consumer thinks he chooses words at random, but he usually selects all or some of the same words and phrases selected by much of the population. A few very particular individuals are careful with their grammar but most consumers kick this consideration to the sidelines and focus on the important or “keywords” like “dog sitting services Nashville” or “construction Tennessee.” They don’t even capitalize much of the time, so a search might look like this: “private schools k-12 nashville.” I know these things to be true because I use keyword analysis software with our SEO. This shows me what works for your competitors and what will bring browsers to your site.

Honing in on an Audience

Your internet user will quickly discover that a search like “construction Tennessee” leads to hundreds of hits. He needs to specify and so do you. Specifics might alienate some searches but will lead to a better rate of conversion. That is, when a reader lands on your page, he is more likely to want the services you have to offer. His visit won’t be quick or casual but focused and fruitful. That’s because when he searched for “Nashville custom construction,” he found you on page one. A search engine ranked your page highly partly because of effective word choice.

Keyword Placement

How did the search engine find your keywords? That’s another part of my Nashville SEO services: content consideration. I can write for you or show you how to write effectively and where to put your content. A new website is lacking in blog posts but there are other ways to lead a search engine straight to your door. One is to write descriptive content on your eCommerce page. Tell consumers a little bit about each product using key words or phrases where appropriate. Also, insert some of those essential phrases into your “about us” section. Next, you need to be social. It’s an essential part of internet marketing and SEO these days.

Keyword Mistakes

Avoid common SEO errors that cause Google to penalize a URL. Don’t copy content and re-post it somewhere else. Avoid overloading articles with keywords so they don’t really say anything at all. We’ll work together to find and implement keywords effectively for your Nashville SEO campaign.