social-media-763731_1280It seems like internet users are anything but social. The whole point of the internet is making information remotely accessible so that consumers don’t have to go anywhere or talk to anyone to find it and they can do their research at any hour. That goes for details about a car sales lot in another state or researching real estate after business hours when you get home from work.

Enter Social Media For SEO

Thanks to Facebook and other social media sites, however, the internet is a highly social network where like minded individuals connect and share their views. If your business isn’t socially connected, talk to me, the Nashville SEO Kid, and I can show you how to get started. Whether yours is a small retail shop in the city center, an even smaller home-based business in the suburbs, or a major firm with locations all over Tennessee, I can help you get noticed online.

Why Social Media Matters For Nashville SEO

A lot of people downplay the role of social media for SEO but they are missing out on a crucial marketing forum that businesses of all sizes utilize. Small firms treat this as a low-cost way to attract customers. Bigger firms use social media as a way to connect more personally with clients. Otherwise, management can seem distant and uninterested in the real people who buy their products.

The Power of Conversations

Social media gets conversations going with SEO. Customers talk to each other and to the people who run a firm. Browsers pick up threads of conversations and they become part of ranking calculations when Google’s or Bing’s search engine programs decide where to place a URL (page 1 or page 10; top of the page or bottom, for example). Consumers casually and unintentionally utilize keywords in these posts while writers for the company purposely do the same thing.

Ideas Machines

When Nashville SEO companies engage with social media, they post words, ideas, and images. A lot of viewers are drawn immediately to images and concern themselves with descriptions second. Even captions for pictures on Instagram are suitable places to locate keywords or phrases.

Feedback Frenzy

SEO companies get feedback and ideas from clients on these pages. Customers are given the impression that their views matter (as they should). With the opportunity to speak out, they tell firms what is good or bad about a product or service; information they badly need to know.

Playing the Game

Many businesses run attention-grabbing competitions and promotions on Facebook. These encourage consumers to “like” a business and engage quickly so as not to miss an opportunity to win prizes. No other medium is as immediate. Your campaign has to be legitimate, of course, and I’m only prepared to help you run an ethical campaign based on truthful content. Besides, if you try to play games (other than real ones where people win prizes) consumers will find out and your reputation will plummet.

Getting Started

Email me or give me a call for Nashville SEO services. I can help you by setting up accounts on Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter and even writing some early content for you.