backlinksWhat is a backlink I hear you ask? That is the term for any link to your website for SEO which is posted on someone else’s page. That could be a WordPress blog where someone promotes your product, a landing page for another company, a social media page, or a Pay-Per-Click Ad. This link takes a viewer back to your website, hence the name “backlink.”

The Nashville SEO Kid Talks Backlinks

How do these links help you market a company or a product for SEO? Can they hurt your campaign? I will answer both questions, starting with positive. For most firms that rely on the internet to get their name out there, this is an essential tool I can help you become familiar with no matter what part of Nashville, Tennessee, or the country you live and work in.

Start with Your Own URLs

Many Nashville SEO firms host multiple URLs. These are all run by you or your media team, so you are fully in control of what goes on here, including embedded links to your main landing page and connections to other businesses you want to promote.

Talking to Friends

Do you have connections in the internet world; buddies who want you to succeed running other stores and services? You might want to approach them about exchanging links: posting yours on their site and their website link on your website. If you don’t know anyone we can make enquiries with Nashville SEO techniques. This is a win-win situation anyway; one that many firms will not reject if they see an obvious connection and they have no ethical objection to your business.

Backlinks and Search Engines

A search engine notices backlinks when ranking sites according to what a user typed into the browser. Complicated algorithms used by search engines enable them to combine results from backlinks, keywords, reviews, and more.

Bad Links

Some of those links could be working to your disadvantage for SEO. I mentioned above that friends in business might exchange details, but that isn’t always a good idea. If your friend runs a home-based butcher’s shop and chops meat brought in by local hunters, your puppy-sitting company doesn’t relate in any way. A business making naturally-scented soy candles, however, might be more than willing to host a link to a firm that makes natural scents from real flowers and herbs. If your links are natural and sensible, this boosts your rating on Google. Unnatural, incomprehensible links drop your rating.

Find All of Your Backlinks

I use a search engine optimization software program to find where all or most of a client’s backlinks are located. This SEO software will find out if your website has been posted somewhere without your consent or if you have forgotten a link that should be removed. Your website could be connected with a page that is being penalized on Google because of duplicate content, overuse of keywords, or unethical practices. You don’t want to be associated with one of those. Find out if a link is associated with an inactive page which still comes up in search engines. This software will also determine how many links are out there in total.