Nashville SEO

Let me introduce myself: I’m the Nashville SEO Kid, and here is what I can do for you. Whether your company is based in Nashville, the suburbs, the city center, or beyond, I’m here to help you solve your SEO problems. In fact, I can help companies based anywhere in the country. That’s why the internet is such a powerful medium: it connects people like you and me wherever we are.Nashville SEO Kid and Google

What is SEO?

SEO or search engine optimization is a term which refers to methods of “optimizing” your popularity on the internet; something our Nashville SEO company does. When someone types a general search rather than specifying a company name into Bing or Google, that search engine goes looking for data relating to the terms and comes up with options which are ranked in a certain order. This isn’t their order of popularity with the community: search engines choose other criteria to rank websites with Nashville SEO.

How are Websites Ranked?

The internet gives websites a rating based on several factors. One is how closely your company name matches search terms. Another is how often the search engine encounters a link to that site via reviews, news reports, or social media discussions. A third deciding point is how current the site is. Search engines look for backlinks, Pay-Per-Click ads, and blog posts. They also notice when a company’s online content is repeated or out-of-date and will penalize the website. Our Nshville SEO company is well aware of this.

Young Ideas

I’m here to help you get off of page 2, 3, 4, etc. and plant your website on page one of an internet search. How can I do that when you have so much competition fighting for the same space? I’m just a “kid” as my name suggests, right? That’s the secret to my success: being new. Some SEO experts are set in their old ways but I am arriving on the scene armed with the latest information and tools for optimizing your web presence.

Nashville SEO SeNashville SEO Kid Logorvices

We can start from scratch with a new website, social media sites, and a blog page for your SEO. We can look at reputation management, key word analysis, and I can even write content for you. If your website is already up and you’ve got a Facebook page but your profits aren’t what they could be and Google has you only on page 4, let me go back through your existing efforts to find out what’s going wrong so we can fix the problem.

I use special analytical software and programs found on the internet to assess your keyword density and accuracy, page views, and why the competitor is so much more successful; one of the big approaches for our Nashville SEO firm. Once a strategy is in place we can assess over time by following the latest data related to your website and proving whether my efforts have made a positive impact or not.

Your Place, My Place

Let me come to your office and work with you where you are most comfortable. Get away from a noisy, busy working environment and visit me at my location. I’m flexible and my rates are reasonable. Come and find out what a difference the Nashville SEO Kid can make to your bottom line.